Software Products of GEOPLAN

Geospace is all-in-one software for establishing UWB real-time location systems. 

Geospace allow users to control RTLS projects and manage RTLS platforms. 
Position data of people and assets are collected by the Geospace position engine,
and the information can be used to extend service areas such as user position-based applications.

High performance, RTLS Location Engine

Super-precise UWB position tracking

Enables both precise 50cm UWB and long-distance position tracking applications.

Outstanding performance and project scalability

Provides high accuracy and high reliability to help industrial facilities and others track hundreds of targets and assets simultaneously for large-scale RTLS execution and deployment.

Real-time Location Data

Collects and monitors real-time position and sensor data of people and assets in the project environment.

Fluid communication

Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) position and real-time sensor data enable sensor convergence between IoT platforms and custom applications. It is an end-to-end service that enables two-way tag communication, from data collection to tag functionality.

Fully Integrate

It supports RESTful API interface for seamless integration with external IoT platforms and systems. The RESTful API architecture enables simple, standardized management of engines and connected infrastructure of IoT devices, anchors, tags and sensors.


High Availability Zero Downtime

Geospace provides a server redundancy environment for reliability of RTLS services and rapid recovery from cyberattacks and equipment failures.

Redundancy configurations are applicable based on server specifications and RTLS environments.

Available in Linux environments, open source-based software does not incur additional costs.

Apply Token Certificate of Authenticaiton

The JWT token contains all the necessary information, so no reference is required and is validated by the MSA itself.
– User authentication using JWT
– J-son Web Token for MSA approach

Token-based authentication is a call-by-reference form, and all services always require reconnection when interacting with them.
- Use of https protocol

JWT token contains all necessary information, so no reference is required, and the microservice itself validates it.

Token-based authentication is in the form of a By Reference format, and all services always need to reconnect when interacting.

Solution Components

In order to quickly reflect the requirements of each service, it was developed
as a microservice architecture so that each service is organically connected but can be deployed individually.

Geoplan provides a full set of RTLS products and solutions for various application scenarios
like healthcare, logistics & warehouse, manufacturing, smart retail, smart buildings, etc.
Geoplan RTLS solutions can make your business

faster, simpler, and more efficient.

The future of Real time location system Geoplan UWB Technology

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Proximity Marketing

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Secure Acess Control

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