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RTLS for Worker's Safety

The biggest issue in the operation of industrial sites will be the safety of human resources. Industrial accidents occur frequently in blind spots that managers do not care about, and managers will be able to prevent casualties in advance if they can see the site through RTLS technology. 

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[CDA 콘퍼런스 2023] 지오플랜 우수상 수상
지오플랜, 대우건설기술연구원에 스마트 출입 관제 시스템 구축
지오플랜, 시스코와 UWB 솔루션 확산 위한 파트너십 체결
With the power of digital, we won a project to develop a national life safety service model
UWB 주차 관리 솔루션 공동 개발 피유엠피와 지오플랜
2022 스마트기술 피칭대회 우수상 수상
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