Intelligence Indoor Guide Case Study

Gucci House Hannam Flagship Store

A new level of smart shopping through the “House Smart Guide.”

Gucci, the world-renowned luxury brand, opened its second flagship in Itaewon, Seoul, Korea. Even the global luxury brand store is providing hybrid retail experiences which incorporate various IT technologies such as UWB, AI and Metaverse.


Gucci has prepared the Gucci House Smart Guide to showcase the harmony between the traditional and modern, the combination of master craftsmanship and digital innovation, and blending the spirit of Gucci that respects diversity.


Customers visiting the Gucci House can experience a new level of smart shopping through the combination of online and offline experiences through the “House Smart Guide.” With UWB position-based technology, it is not only possible to check out items and contents on each floor of the store, and it is also possible to easily check the information and position of products that customers are looking for, enabling “customer-driven” shopping experience.


In particular, when entering a specific space, detailed information and products of the corresponding collection are displayed through the “House Smart Guide.”

Samsung Electronics and Gucci Collaborated House Smart Guide [Provided by Samsung Electronics]

Our Role

Gucci House opened its second flagship store in Korea in 2022, and chose Geoplan's UWB positioning technology for its systems.

Using Samsung UWB smartphones, visitors are provided with “House Smart Guide App” which follow the store’s product display plan, and visitors receive detailed descriptions and information about products they approach. In addition, the system provides a 1:1 customer interaction on behalf of sales staff, which greatly increased customer shopping experience.


In addition, the system allows visitors to find products they are looking and provides navigation information to the corresponding product, further enhancing the convenience and joy of shopping.

Our Strength

Geoplan UWB positioning technology has high competitiveness in terms of providing highly accurate positioning information. The ability of Geoplan engineers was demonstrated in efficiently incorporating positioning technology to the freely arranged exhibition space. In order to confirm the UWB positioning performance, more than 600 smartphone digital guides were operated at the same time, and efforts were made to provide reliable service according to the position of each smartphone.


Geoplan was able to establish and provide a reliable UWB environment and showcase the performance in a large-scale project because of the experiences and know-how accumulated over the past 10 years.

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